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Things To Know About Vegan Substitutes

By India Mace

If you follow a vegetarian diet, you may want to also know about vegan substitutes. The list may be different for some vegetarians. Some people eliminate meats form their diet. However, they continue to eat dairy products and eggs. This makes substitutions fairly simple. Others will not eat eggs but may consume milk. Strict vegans, on the other hand, eliminate all animal products from their diet. Their substitutions will be more difficult. Animal products may be hidden in everyday foods, so make sure to read the label.

Egg substitutions

If you stop eating eggs, you will notice that you may think you have to avoid most baked goods. However, there are egg replacement products at your local grocery store. They may work well as egg substitutes for baking. You can also use tapioca flour and potato flour mixed together. You can use other things in your baking, also.

Did you know that flax-seeds would work as an egg replacement? You can use them as a binder in recipes. Binders are used to hold ingredients together. A tablespoon of flax-seed and three tablespoons of water will equal one egg. Mix in a food processor until smooth.

Recipes like cookies, cakes, muffins, and cornbread use eggs as a binder. This holds other ingredients together. Tofu is another egg substitute. About one fourth cup is equal to one egg. One fourth cup of warm water and one teaspoon of yeast can replace one egg. Potato flour and water will work as an egg replacement also. Use one teaspoon of each item for one egg. Be careful, as some binders will affect the taste of your recipe. Experimenting may be the best way to find out.

Substitutes for meat

You may find a large selection of meatless products. There are ways that you can substitute on your own. Try using nuts. If they are a part of your normal diet, you will get protein that you need. There is an assortment of nuts in which to choose. Eat them for a snack, or incorporate them into recipes.

Another good source of protein is legumes. Kidney beans, lentils, and split peas, are examples. They do not have to be in side dishes. You can make them the main course. Chili is a good recipe to use them in. Substitute them for meat in recipes. You may find this to be a pleasant alternative.

Some things mixed together will make an excellent protein source. Bread and peanut butter are good examples. Rice and beans will work well. Corn and beans are another good combination to utilize.

Soybeans are another healthy alternative to meat. They are said to be good for cholesterol. Tofu is a good example of soybeans. Many meat replacement products employ soy. You can also buy roasted soybeans at health food stores. They make a healthy snack. You can eat them as you would peanuts.

In closing

Vegan substitutes are dependent on the type of diet that you follow. If you are strict, be careful about hidden animal products in food. If you research vegan diets, you will find a lot of good information online.

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