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Product Review Of The Sanyo DR-7700KU Massage Chair

By Paul Benson

Maybe you have heard about a zero gravity massage chair. There is one I would like to draw your attention to. It is manufactured by Sanyo and it is the model DR 7700. The DR 7700 massage chair is a zero gravity massage recliner. Zero gravity technically means weightlessness. However, in terms of recliners it means that the zero gravity position better distribute the weight of your body keeping minimal pressure on the spine. The Sanyo DR 7700 massage chair is their luxury recliner.

Sanyo massage chairs are known for some of their electronic features. They have developed different types of sensing technology and grated this into their chair line. The DR 7700 massage chair comes with a unique roller mechanism. This roller mechanism is capable of performing a gripping massage.

The DR 7700 massage chair by Sanyo has a unique roller mechanism. The roller mechanism performs the massage for the neck, shoulders and back. Their unique design incorporates the ability to perform a gripping motion. This is particularly useful for the tops of the shoulders and neck area.

The Sanyo massage roller system is able to perform a gripping massage. This is particularly desirable for massaging the shoulders. Typically, kneading massage is used to loosen the large muscles of the back and shoulders. The gripping massage enables the roller system to squeeze over the tops of the shoulders.

There are four automatic massage programs in the DR 7700 massage chair. Sanyo has preprogrammed massages such as stiffness, recovery, relax and fine. This enables you to select the type of massage programs based on the condition of your body at that time.

Sanyo has incorporated in a repeat feature for the continued massage of a specific area. Just hit the repeat button and the massage will roll back and perform the last few minutes of the massage program. This enables you to target a specific area during the course of an automatic massage program.

One interesting feature is the stiffness sensor. An additional mouse like control comes with the standard LCD remote. The user places their hand over the stiffness sensor. The stiffness sensor takes a reading of the pulse rate and perspiration level to determine stress points.

Although the concept of the stiffness system sounds interesting, it seems a little redundant after the first or second time. There is a figurine on the LCD which lights up with all your stress points. The computer then systematically removes those irritating points until the LCD is clear.

If you would like to relieve tired and aching feet, then use the Sanyo multipoint foot shiatsu massage. This unique massage system utilizes be airbags in the foot wells. It delivers a compression type massage around the calves and ankles. This provides relief to tired and aching feet.

The strength and effectiveness of the massage of the DR 7700 massage chair seems to light for my needs. A massage chair needs to deliver a strong and firm massage. Patents can be used as necessary to soften the massage for more sensitive users. However, the massage cannot be made stronger later. This is something to check out for your self and how it will meet your long term health needs.

The DR 7700 massage chair by Sanyo is the top-of-the-line. This luxury model incorporates many exciting electronic features. It also has some advanced roller technology for a shoulder massage. Sanyo is heading in the right direction with many of its therapeutic features. The DR 7700 massage chair by Sanyo is one of the best massage chairs on the market today.

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