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A Few Ideas On How To Stop Bruising

By Jan Doan

Bruising is something that affects everyone and occurs when small blood vessels break and leak in the soft tissue just below the skin. Bruises look like reddish, purple, or blueish scars on the surface of the skin and it is very common to get some sort of swelling and pain that comes along with getting any bruise. In order to stop bruising there are lots of tips that you can take on board.

Bruising can be caused by many different things. Things such as falling over, having an accident of some kind, serious physical contact when engaged in some sort of sporting activity, or blows from other people, can all be associated with causing bruising. Medicines such as aspirin are also seen to be common causes of bruising as they are used to thin the blood and therefore create bruises under the skin.

In terms of how you are going to be able to treat your bruising and swelling, there are lots of things that you could try.

First of all however you need to remember that you should not use certain treatments if you are bruised on the face, around the eyes, and around the nose. Also you need to make sure that you do not drain out the blood by inserting any sort of sharp object or cutting yourself where you are bruised. So what are the things that you can do?

The first thing to try would be in getting rid of the swelling in order to try to reduce the pain and the bruising at the affected area. This can be used by getting ice compressors and pressing them against the bruise. You should get yourself a towel and wrap some ice within it, then you should press this against the bruise for about 15 minutes every hour. If you do this all day for a couple of days, you should see that the bruising will go down immediately.

In the same way it is also quite possible for you to use hot compresses as well. Instead of using ice, it you can warm up a towel by putting it in the microwave, or by using some sort of hot water bottle or other piece of could you can find. If you do use a hot compress and you are bruised on the limbs, make sure that you try to raise them about your head so that the bruise is up high. This will help the blood to drain from the affected area.

Last of all, it is also very good idea to make sure that your diet is as good as it can possibly be. Bruising can also be caused by having a deficiency in vitamin K as this can cause the blood to not clot as well as possible. In addition to this you need to make sure that you are also getting vitamins C once you have had a bruise as this will help you to heal.

These are only a few things that you might want to try in order to prevent yourself from bruising and to treat any bruises you do get. Following a daily supplement program like Bruises Be Banned can also prove to be beneficial in reducing easy bruising.

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