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Experience The Amazing Power Of The Colon Cleanse

By Steven Jimmerson

Individuals who have gone through a colon cleanse protocol, that includes drinking special products and administering enemas plus colonic irrigation treatments, are often unable to find words to convey what a change it has made for the positive in the way they feel, their renewed energy and youthfulness, and even in their outlook on their life.

Liver cleanses, in the form of coffee enemas, are often performed as part of an overall cleansing protocol, along with colon cleansing, and candida and parasite cleansing. The need for these is because of all the toxins, in our foods as well as our environment. Cleansing is hardly a modern phenomenon, though. The Merck manual, which is a medical textbook that was published first in the 1800's and was most recently reprinted in 2006, used to list colon cleansing as a treatment doctor's should consider prescribing to their patients. It was edited out, about 30 years ago.

The Essene Gospel of Peace, published in 1928, said to have been translated from a manuscript found in the Vatican, dating back to the first century, gives instructions for enemas, and vegetarianism as well as fasting.

Some holistic health professionals speak about negative emotions being stored in our bodies, including in toxic waste we carry around for decades. That may account for people who report emotional, mental and psychological improvement after going through cleansing protocols.

The late, Doctor Bernard Jensen, a legendary healer who coined the saying, Death begins in the colon, had a record that was undeniable when it came to helping his patients heal themselves of so called, incurable diseases. He used colon cleansing and dietary lifestyle changes that eliminated foods filled with chemicals and sprayed with pesticides. A doctor today faces loss of license, if she dares to talk about cures, and going to prison, if the word got out that she was helping people cure their cancer.

Western medicine doesn't do, cures. It has never been interested in cures, and as long as it is profit driven, it never will be. The focus of western, allopathic medicine is to "treat" conditions, not cure them. The way conditions are treated, is by lifetime prescriptions to multiple medications, all of which are toxic and create side effects, for which doctors prescribe more toxic drugs to treat those symptoms.

When the problems becomes severe enough, the doctors get to charge the patient for surgical procedures, rather than just taking them off the drugs that caused the problems to begin with. The deep colon cleanse, and anything like it, that brings on real healing, is a huge threat to the medical industry.

One of the greatest benefits of a colon cleanse is that pounds of putrefied fecal matter are eliminated from the colon, which allows your intestines to really do their their job right for the first time in years or decades This includes extracting nutrition from the food to take care of your various bodily systems. At the present moment, those toxins are impacted onto the walls of your intestines and leaking through, into your bloodstream.

The Royal Society of Medicine, in Britain, says, "90% of all chronic diseases are due to infection of the gastrointestinal tract." Coming from such a traditional medical authority, that is quite a statement to ponder.

If you go through a cleansing protocol, you really should transform the way you eat, the selection of your food to organic, non processed food. It you don't, you will turn back into a giant toxic storage unit.

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